The products.

We are proud that our menu is composed by chefs recipes from Bulgaria and Europe. But we know that only the recipe is not enough to have a tasty meal.

We prepare every dish we offer with carefully selected products of Bulgarian manufacturers. Fresh vegetables, fresh meat, selected cheeses, fish and seafood delicacies, aromatic spices - we do not compromise even the smallest ingredients.

We pay special attention to the veal, which makes some of the most appetizing dishes in our menu. Our cooks want it to be fresh, ripe veal. We are supplied by the best farmers in Bulgaria.
This allows us to offer you the perfect veal steak, preserving its succulence and taste. Something that is possible only when the meat was never frozen.

Our menu is changed twice a year to meet the spring-summer and autumn-winter season. We know that in the cold days one needs a heavier and more abundant food, and in the warmer it is looking for freshness and light meals.